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Fur vests

This collection of majestic Merino sheepskin vests for men and women can fulfill even the most sophisticated request.
These vests are made especially for those who appreciate good-looking and long-lasting products. This collection includes both vests for men and women from traditional to the most modern ones so everyone can find here something for themselves.
All the products here are 100% natural and also handmade, so we guarantee good quality!
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We offer colorful natural fur vests of mink, fox and sheepskin for women and men. All our products are 100% natural and made by our own hands, so we guarantee quality.

A fur vest is an elegant piece of clothing that will certainly suit everyone. The vest will undoubtedly help to warm up in cold and rainy weather.

All furs are very popular in winter, and can also help your body not to get sick. The time of chic fur coats and uncomfortable blown jackets long ago passed, in return, people began to buy fur vests, which are in great demand in the last decade. In our shop there is a sale of fur vests.

All of our vests are worn for about 8-10 years. They protect from cold, keep warm, not blown by the wind. Suitable for women of any age and any type.

Fur vest is very fluffy, comfortable, wearable and practical clothing. The short sleeveless vest is easy for drive - the vest is very light, warm and comfortable. Immediately after purchase, all fur products look royal. We want to extend the beauty of the fur vest and its service life as long as possible. If you follow the simple rules of wearing and storage, they are guaranteed not to lose their appearance, even if it is a favorite piece of wardrobe and is used daily.

For a fur to remain supple, thick and shiny, you should follow the rules:

  • Avoid getting wet. Do not wear the vest in rainy weather or when it is wet snowing;
  • Do not point brooches or other jewellery at the product;
  • Do not carry a heavy bag on one shoulder so that the lint hasn't gone;
  • Do not dry the vest near heaters or use a hair dryer for drying.

Products made of natural fur will give young and young girls refinement and elegance. Girls look very cute and beautiful in our vests.

Right now you can buy cheap real fur vests.

Have a nice shopping!

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