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Fashionable fur vest fox

Size42, 44, 46, 48
CompositionFox fur
  • Серый
Length90 cm.
Fur vest is a versatile and very stylish part of any woman's wardrobe
     Feminine and elegant vest of fox smoky color will be one of the main components of a mysterious and attractive image. This vest of fox different expressive texture and elongated shapes, which allows you to create different style ensembles. Such a model can be worn as a business, as well as with casual clothes, with pants or a skirt, without having to worry about inclement weather. In it you will always be warm and cozy. Stylish and trendy choice for autumn and spring, which will allow you to be beautiful at any time of the year!
   During  the season, immediately after his return from the street, must be cleaned of dust and moisture. In order to do this as carefully as possible without damaging the pile, we should wait until the moisture evaporates, and then comb the pile of special comb designed for fur in the direction of growth of the villi.
    In that case, if you come under the snow or rain, dry clothes is required, and very carefully, but the main factors in this procedure is not close to the heating appliance and not the time. Hang furs near the hot batteries is strictly prohibited, because under the influence of heat is very desiccate the villi, they become brittle and fragile. Before drying fur product should be thoroughly shake and then hang it in a room that is very well ventilated.
   Fur products,  it is not recommended to wear a shoulder bag. Sock shoulder bag can lead to loss of fur and wiping in the contact areas Pile and belts. Just when wearing any fur product is very carefully use the perfume, perfume should not fall on the fur, because alcohol is included in their composition, very dry pile, making it brittle.