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Slippers Madonna


  • Brand: Albatross
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CompositionNatural Merino sheepskin and Arctic Fox fur slippers.
100% natural handmade Merino sheepskin and Arctic Fox fur slippers.

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Madonna Slippers

This is a great purchase for those who want their morning to start with heat, especially on cold and cloudy days!

They are perfect for women of any age and not only warm their feet, but also their hearts.

After all, purple fur sheepskin slippers are made of sheepskin merino, which means that: this is 100% natural sheepskin fur, which is not only hypoallergenic, but also anti-static, beautiful and comfortable, and not only for legs.

In addition, the top of the slippers is decorated with pompoms, which are made from the fur of the Arctic Fox!

What makes slippers not only useful but also fashionable.

But the price makes them even more attractive - $ 45 for hand-made slippers that will bring joy to your family and friends, isn’t it a gift?

To order, specify your US size, it will help to accurately match your size!

- Our Albatross Madonna slippers require shaking and airing in the open air from time to time especially after wearing them a lot - that prevents a number of skin diseases from evolving.

- Do not wash them! In case they require cleaning, get them dry-cleaned and they will look like new.

- Also, they are a primary lure for different types of moth so dont leave them in warm and dry places for long. And please pack them into cardboard or wrap it into the paper but not in plastic.

With all this todays craze for living "clean" lives, well-washed and clean slippers are your best friends, remember that!

- After washing you should rinse them well and shake a little.

- Ventilated shoes like these made with special holes are way more effective and convenient in than usual ones, especially when its pretty warm outside. So, you shouldnt leave them with water & moisture inside so they could remain good-looking and fashionable. You just dont get tired of wearing them and they make you feel really comfortable!

Color Purple
Top material 100% Merino Sheepskin
Soles material: 100% EVA
Sizes: 37, 38, 39, 40
Manufacturer: Albatross

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