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  • “Maya bee” children’s  slippers

“Maya bee” children’s slippers


  • Brand: Albatross
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100% natural handmade Merino sheepskin children slippers

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These “Maya Bee” children’s slippers are made of natural Merino sheepskin with soles made of 100% natural EVA. It is designed for our little clients with love and care. These slippers are bright, warm and soft like blue clouds on children’s feet. They covered with shammy outside and Merino sheepskin inside.There is a white edge piping around the boot-top. It doesn’t slip and tear, very convenient to wear.  We can guarantee the best quality because our children’s  fur slippers are handmade. 

These slippers require shaking and airing in the open air from time to time, especially after wearing them a lot –that prevents a number of skin diseases from evolving. Don’t wash them! In case they require cleaning, get them dry-cleaned and they will look like new. Also, they are a primary lure for different types of moth so  don’t leave them in warm and dry places for long. And please pack them into cardboard or wrap it into the paper but not in plastic. With all this today living clean lives ,well-washed and clean slippers are your best friends, remember that! After washing you should rinse them well and shake a little. You shouldn’t leave these slippers with water and moisture inside so they could remain good-looking and fashionable.   

Embroidery embroidered bees
Inner material 100% white merino sheepskin
Upper material shammy
Color Blue
Soles material: 100 % natural Eva
Sizes: 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 EU
Manufacturer: Albatross

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