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Luxurious white mink coat with black sable hood

Size42,44,46,48 eu
Compositionwhite mink, sable fur
  • Белый
Luxurious white mink coat with black sable hood
If want to emphasize your status and your beauty - here's what you need! This magnificent Elizabeth mink coat is 120 cm long with big black hood. The entire coat is made of white mink fur while the hood is made of black sable fur. It's sleeves are slightly bell-bottomed, the the silhouette is slim-fit. You can do it up using coat hooks throughout the length. It also has a white belt made of white mink fur, so despite it's length, Elizabeth coat will perfectly highlight your waistline. 
- In case your coat gets dirty - have it dry-cleaned, don't wash it yourself.
- Do not heat and leave in the sunlight for too long.
- Store it on hangers for it not to lose it's shape and luxurious outlook. 
- Also to keep your fur coat fresh, air it from time to time and don't store it in too tight places.
- To prevent the destructive effect of moth you should apply special solutions to your fur coat.
- By the way, if you desire you coat to look even more majestic, comb it from time to time - it will help to clean it up and to preclude pills from appearing.