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     The effective alliance of high strength, absolute hygiene and medical properties of Australian merino sheep wool is the basis of the popularity of different kinds of shoes all around the world.Merino is the breed of a sheep which are bred in Australia. Australia's climatic conditions are unique. It is a hot and sunny subtropical country, but in comparison with other continents of the same latitudes in the southern hemisphere there is cooler, especially on the coast and in the mountains.
   The presence of desert and semi-desert,marine and the Mediterranean climate- makes Australia unusual climatic zone. All this certainly affects on the quality of sheep wool.Unique of  Australian sheepskin is that it is able to maintain body temperature in any weather,in summer is not hot in boots, and winter is not cold.Sheepskin perfectly absorbs moisture, so feet always remain dry. These Boots are made exclusively from merino wool, due to what turns out shoes of exceptional quality, as the sheep of merino more warm, soft and fluffy. Boots, made of a sheepskin will last much longer usual.Uggi made with a special technology, which makes the shoes are really comfortable, warm and cozy.First boots of wool began to make in the last century in Australia, where sheep farming is still the most widespread occupation of local people. To keep warm,in the winter when the temperature sometimes reaches minus 30 degrees, Australian farmers have started to make shoes from sheepskin. While Boots appearance bore little resemblance to the modern designer shoes - they were pretty rough and unsightly, but incredibly warm and comfortable, now to buy ugg boots can only in good online stores and boutiques.
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