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Return policy


Return and exchange policy

The buyer can change non-food product of a good quality, (if it doesn't fit in the desirable form, size, style, color, size or bundle) to a similar product. You can claim for this within 7 days, not counting the day of delivery, provided that: 

  • The goods were not in use,  marketable appearance, consumer properties, seals, factory labels are saved.
  • The product is normal, does not have cracks, scratches, chips and other mechanical damage, with the exception of hidden manufacturing defects.

Also there is a sales receipt or cash receipt or other document confirming the payment for the specified goods. The buyer's absence of a cash voucher or other document confirming payment does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to testimony.

By agreement with the buyer, the exchange of goods can be proceeded after the supply of a similar product to the shop. In the event that a similar product is not available for sale on the day of appeal, the buyer will have the right to demand the return of the respective amount of money.

After the buyer money return request, it will be carried out up to ten days.

 Exchange and return are not subject to: products and materials have being in any contact with food, made of  polymeric materials, including for one-time use (dishes and utensils, table and kitchen, containers and packaging materials for storing and transporting food).

In the case of return, a product is refunded for 100% of its price. Shipping costs and (refund is not compensated???). The return period does not exceed 30 calendar days.

Shipping costs for the returned parcel also paid by buyer.

 In the event of the bad quality good,  the Seller accepts it for return, if necessary, an expert examination is carried out (checking the quality of the good).

 If there is a dispute about the reasons for the flaw, the Seller will conduct the examination at his own expense. If, as a result of the examination, it is established that the defects of the good are due to circumstances for which the Seller is not responsible, the Buyer will be obliged to reimburse the costs of the examination, as well as the costs associated with its holding of storage and transportation of the goods. The buyer can challenge the examination in court.

In this case, the good must be packed for storage and have all accompanying documents, including inventory F.51-c.


The amount paid for the goods is returned in the same way as it was made, within 14 calendar days.

Rules for the return of promo goods

In case of return of the goods purchased under promotion conditions, the Buyer refuses to execute the sales contract made on the terms of the promotion and return the seller all goods, which are in the consignment note sold under this promotion. 

Validity of the promo-offer in this case is canceled, and the parties return each other all received upon the transaction (this is an essential condition of the public contract, which is accepted by the buyer when purchasing the promo products.

If it's necessary to Buyer to exchange (return) only a part of the purchase under the promo-offer (partial refund), the Buyer also returns all the goods purchased upon this promotion, and in the future can buy the goods left after returning the goods from consignment note according to the current conditioins at the time of refund / new purchase prices. If the promo for these items isn't available, there will no discount.