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Our management


Our company was founded in 1992. Saveliy Yakovlevich Murzakhanov is the permanent CEO of the company. One more significance role is played by the commercial director, curator of all international supplies from abroad, the chief logist of the company "Albatross" - Jan Savelievich Murzakhanov.

Thanks to the activities of several generations, our company has managed to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions, buying the latest products of different value, conforming various requirements. The position achieved by the company is based on many years experience and research.

The firm succeeded to win the place of an experienced leader in this industry. High-competenced employees, purchase of raw materials from the most qualified suppliers of the world, application of the most advanced information technologies never before implemented in the leather industry, high technical and commercial expertise of employees continuously improving in this field, constant communication with the most famous foreign manufacturers allowed the company "Albatross" enter the new millennium as a leader in its field.

Our community is proud of the rich and wide range of products of various colors made thanks to the fully automated production system at all stages of the processing. This system controls the introduction of chemicals at different phases of the processing hides, so that the achieved high productivity does not negatively affect the level of quality required by the market.

This important result is obtained due to the high precision of the equipment and the distinctive processing, constantly controlled by our specialists. In addition to the use of these systems, which contributed to the achievement of a leading position in its sector, the plant uses special equipment for processing hides using traditional methods, which allow achieving the same level of quality as was achieved with manual processing of the past.

The director of "Albatros" Saveliy Murzakhanov.
Commercial director and curator of all international shipments from aboard,the chief logistician of "Albatros"-Yan S.Murzakhanov.