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Our management

Here is a piece of the history of our company for you to understand better why we are so special.

Our company was founded in 1992. The founder and director of the company are Savely Moor.

Thanks to the activities of several generations, our company has been able to adapt to constantly changing market conditions by purchasing the latest products of various costs that meet different requirements.

The position achieved by the company is based on many years of experience and research. The company managed to win the place of an experienced leader in this industry.

The high competence of employees, the purchase of raw materials from the most qualified supplier countries of the world, the use of the most advanced information technologies, the high technical and commercial qualifications of employees, and communication with the most famous foreign manufacturers have enabled the company “Albatross” enter the new millennium as a leader in its field.

Our company is proud of the rich and wide range of products of various colors made thanks to the production system that is fully automated at all stages of the process.

Albatross Canada is representing and distributing our products in Canada.

The Head office is located in Toronto, Ontario.