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Our activities

We are engaged in processing sheep skins at the factory, sewing mouton fur coats and other products. To date, buying a fur coat from a mouton is quite simple. More recently, nobody heard about such a fur, and it was almost impossible to find it. The common sheepskin is undergoing complex processing and gets an unusual look, and incredible practicality. Fine Muton fur coats are not afraid of rain or snowfall. It’s magnificent appearance just can’t be affected. When the fur is processed, at that moment all the villi acquire "waterproof" properties, become as if vacuum. 

These technologies give fur and one more useful property: fur coats incredibly warm, if to compare them with other fur products, only fox and sable can compare with them. Even in the most severe frosts, you will be warm and cozy, if you decide to buy Muton fur coats, the value of which pleases its availability.

If you want to buy Muton fur coats, the beauty and quality of which will pleasantly surprise you, Pyatigorsk company "Albatross" will help you. Products are offered in different price ranges, buyers with a variety of levels of prosperity will be able to choose the appropriate option for an elegant, comfortable and durable Fur coats from such magnificent fur, as a mouton. We do our best to make the customers happy! Also our company is engaged in buying skins of the "Merinos" from Australia, Uruguay, America, Argentina.