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Our activities

The company of Albatross was founded in 1992 in Russia, in the city of Pyatigorsk. This city is situated near Caucasian mountains and Mount Elbrus, so the whole culture of this place is filled with special mentality of ancient Caucasian people. This people have always been famous for their long-livers, and the reason for this is the special climate, highly-nutritious food and of course, their way of life, especially clothes which they wear daily. 

Our company specializes in making top-of-the-range fur clothes got from world's top suppliers like Canada, Russia, Denmark, Finland and many more. The feature is our individual approach to each customer, to each product, to each deal. And that's not just words - our clothes are handmade! We make all of them individually because we want to breathe life into the masterpieces we produce and to ensure that our respective customers get what they pay for! Our magically warm woolen vests, stylish coats, caps and carpets will become precious decorations of you and your house. 

Caucasus is famous for its long-livers, its beautiful culture and of course for its furriery, so we want to share some piece of all this magnificence with you. We will make you life cozy, because we put some heart into all of our products. Our company exports top-of-the-range fur clothes to all over the world for reasonable prices, and you can be confident of the quality.
Albatross. 26 years of quality.