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  Mutton is a French meaning word "sheep." Sheepskin differs from other furs of their practicality and versatility.By reference to antiquity just a sheepskin is perhaps unexcelled material. Another biblical heroes children wrapped their in sheep skins to keep them warm and dry, and the inhabitants of ancient Egypt (which, believe me, knew a lot about luxury and refined taste different) have developed a special processing technology of sheepskin. Which Romans has successfully borrowed, also distinguished with a taste for beautiful life.
    In fact, Russian fur coats and sheepskin wore with pleasure before the revolution persons of royal blood. For example, the Grand Duke Vladimir in 1868, received from the hands of the Altaic merchants sheepskin coat and wore it with pleasure.
    In 1870, the Siberian sheepskins were highly appreciated by the Commission on the device and the All-Russian Exhibition Society for the Promotion of Russian industry and trade. The skin of normal sheep passed multistage process, which included drying, degreasing scrapings, the first warm-up, drying, and the second warm-up, the second drying, grinding, shaking. As a result, sheepskin were soft, ductile, light, things made of sheepskin were very warm and at the same time did not possess the so-called "greenhouse effect" that is, allow the body to breath. Sheepskin is waterproof, even for a long time exposed to moisture.
     Mutton fur is specially treated sheepskin, which is almost entirely changes its properties. In fact, invented this new kind of finish was 19th century, when the furriers figured out how to make the fur of domestic sheep look like real fur. Outwardly, of course, to distinguish from mink mutton can be fairly easy, but the product of Mutton look beautiful, shiny and easy to color. Gradually, mutton began to win the masses, because not many could afford buy an expensive fur.
     Mutton produced only in Russia, as in the use of formaldehyde, a recognized pest in the world. In the form of raw materials to be used Australian or American sheep with an especially soft fur, well treatable.
Mutton can be of two kinds - ennobled or sheared, and it is worth noting, shorn mutton of dark color looks quite expensive and "recognize" fur at first sight is not possible. And the excellent quality of the sheepskin, such as wear, a good ability to retain heat and do not know all the petulance and wrong.

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