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   Mink fur short is smooth, shiny, consists of a very dense undercoat and a few rising above it and rough awns. Uniform color of fur is a dark brownish-brown with a noticeable sheen.
   Mink is very light, all the fibers in it are the same length, making products look extremely effectively. In addition,thin skin and a very small free-flowing fur, can used mink for sewing, not only coats and hats, but also a large variety of accessories. Even the coats sewn from mink can have a very elegant design, which certainly makes a burrow favorite kind of fur fashionistas all over the world.
    For Russia, the mink was once though expensive, but rather frequent fur because of large amounts of fishing mink furs. Today to acquire Russian mink is difficult - much reduced production volumes, although mink fur our one of the best. At the moment, the main suppliers of this type of fur Scandinavia and North America. "Scandinavian" is characterized by excellent quality, its fibers are longer and more likely to retain heat and repel water, "Canadian" is different than a long nap and a lower resistance to wear.
    Fashion for mink coats appeared in the 30-xx, in Hollywood, so that virtually all of the fair sex were to dream about a mink coat. More than 30 years the fashion for a long mink coats and short jackets, didn't leave,after that design houses decided to offer women fur suits, jackets trimmed with mink, skirts and various accessories. In Paco Rabanne conceived to revive the traditional combination of furs in the north to the metal, suggesting fur mink decorated with rings, chains and plates of metal. Later come the fashion for dyed mink, and then people began to make mink plush coats.

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