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Every woman dreams of a beautiful, luxurious and elegant fur coat. Fashion trends have developed in such a way that mink coat has become a classic. For a long time this very fur has been considered "royal". It is one of the most expensive and demanded in the world. And it is absolutely fair, because quality mink fur coat emphasizes the sense of style and impeccable taste of the owner, emphasizing her status and position in society. In our shop you can find cheap real mink fur coats.

The Advantages of Mink Coat:

  • Wear resistance and durability. Mink is not afraid of rain and snow, temperature changes, high humidity, sunlight.
  • Longevity and practicality. With proper care and good storage the mink coat will serve 10, 15 and even 20 years without losing its attractive original appearance and configuration.
  • Fur products have a variety of irresistible shades. They are available in a wide range of colours: from white to brown and black. Therefore, mink coat can be selected for a woman with any height, set, color type.
  • Mink fur is shiny, delicate, soft to the touch. It looks elegant, luxurious and rich, it has always been associated with power, wealth, high social status.
  • Light weight.

Mink coat was once considered something unattainable, a dream that could only be afforded by famous, rich people, such as Hollywood stars. For most people, mink coat was an impermissible luxury. It is now many girls can afford a mink coat.

We offer girls to order real fur coats from mink, fox or sheepskin on our website.

Buy on our website real mink coats for ladies yourself or as a gift and wear with pleasure! The products are made of 100% real fur. Here you will find the best natural russian fur coats.

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