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     Merino is the breed of fine-wool sheep, bred in Australia. In Spain merino wool products intended only for the royal court, removal from the State is punishable by death. Wide industrial use began only in the late 18th century when the British managed to take out contraband merino wool in fine-wooled Australia.It(thickness wool less than 24MK), sheared sheep with the withers, grown in special nurseries in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.Merino is an excellent temperature control, holding a large mass of air in a high-fiber layer. Merino wool maintains a constant body temperature without overheating. At the same time it absorbs moisture when sweating and provides an ideal ventilation.It is noting also theraupetic properties. Wool Merino produces micro, improves blood circulation. It is recommended for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, back pain and spain.Beside of merino wool is very flexible - even if you stretch the product by 30%, it takes the previous form. Due to this property, product of merino wool are very durable.

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