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Vest of sheepskin.

  • Коричневый
Vest of sheepskin genuine.


 Men's fur vest Genuine fleece beige (inside), and the outside is dark brown. Vest like people who prefer a stylish and comfortable clothes. Equipped with a reliable zipper. It has the ideal length for warming the waist. Vest warm and practical. Perfectly sewed, it is very convenient to put on winter evenings.




Remove dirt and dust in the season, immediately after his return from the street, any fur product, whether it be a fur vest, fur coat, hat and stole their fur must be cleaned of dust and moisture. In order to do this as carefully as possible without damaging the pile, we should wait until the moisture evaporates, and then comb the pile of special comb designed for fur in the direction of growth of the villi. Salvation from moisture in the event that the owner, for example, a fur vest came under the snow or rain, dry clothes is required, and very carefully, but the main factors in this procedure is not close to the heating appliance and not the time. Hang furs near the hot batteries is strictly prohibited, because under the influence of heat is very desiccate the villi, they become brittle and fragile. Before drying fur product should be thoroughly shake and then hang it in a room that is very well ventilated.

Making the glitz and gloss after drying fur vest having a thick pile, the best special brush to comb with a few teeth, for the first time - in the direction of growth of the villi, the second time - against growth. These actions allow the return of fur products pomp and luster. Products made of mink, fox, fox, red fox and raccoon can rub starch, bran, or hydrogen peroxide, the choice of a particular substance matches the color of the fur. So, light fur treated starch, and dark - bran.

Storage Store any fur fur coat is necessary to heat and cool place, at the same time, if a fur coat or a jacket, coat, it is necessary hanger with wide shoulders. In order to provide maximum protection element precious outerwear, it can be placed in the special case of cotton fabric. Clean up clothes can be deposited only in the case if it is thoroughly dried. Protection from moths Furs - be it a fur coat, fur vest and stole, and need to be protected from the moth, which can damage the external appearance of clothing. To cope with this parasite will help ordinary tablets of moth or special tools. Right sock fur product and careful care of it will help keep the perfect appearance of fur and its beauty, which is undoubtedly so desirable!