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Vest-Leader 01

  • Коричневый
Comfortable and stylish vest fleec
    Vests of wool have a special aura. They bring harmony in our hearts, warm and calm. Enough to buy a sleeveless fleece to feel extremely comfortable. Do you want to get a charge of good mood for the whole day? Put on the morning soft vest made of natural wool and walk in it for several hours. You will feel how your mood has changed. And if you are tired after a long working day, the jacket of wool, too, will serve a great service. It is so nice to enjoy reading a book or relaxing in your favorite chair.


Men's vests
Collar-V neckline
External material - corduroy
Brown color
Inner material-knitted fabric with a pile of natural wool Merino sheep
Color fur - beige
Extended back
2 patch pockets
Dimension: when choosing the size guided by the chest.


     Australian Merino wool is a little dirty because its properties, it repels dirt and it is easy to shake off dust and dirt. But if you decide to wear a long time to wash wool vest, then soak in warm water not higher than 30 degrees. your vest, adding soap to the water or shampoo, or a bit of detergent, let soak 5 minutes -10 vest in soapy water, wipe the contaminated areas and wash your hands in warm water. Press out and hang to the water glass. Then, after 30 minutes, the vest can be expanded on the table for further drying.