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Military fur costume "Russian Arctic"

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Suit Mabuchi Arctic
Suit Mabuchi Arctic.
     Suit Mabuchi Arctic was established for the special units of the army, serving in areas with extreme low temperature conditions. The costume consists of a long jacket and a jump suit.   Color gray-blue suit that makes the person wearing it virtually invisible on the winter landscape. Jacket insulated podstezhkoy of genuine sheepskin, do not miss the cold, but at the same time does not create the greenhouse effect, prevents overheating.
      Podstezhki can be removed. Fur collar, has a hood to protect it from rain and snow. Due to the increased length of the jacket will not penetrate the cold air under it during the work, the slopes, the squat.  Bib is adjustable in length, there are pockets for the most necessary things (matches, a knife). Removing podstezhki, jacket and overalls can be washed, heat treated.
      Suit Mabuchi Arctic socks, practical and durable.