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Vest fox fur

Size42, 44, 46, 48
CompositionFur fox
  • Коричневый
Length75 см.
Fur vest of fox - it is rather a practical solution for the cold season, which will not leave without compliments any woman.
   Wearing fur vests Arctic fox is especially important in autumn and spring. This fashion accessory can be worn anywhere -.. In the cafe, office, a walk through the city, visiting, etc. Wearing a fur vest can be anything. Skirt, jeans or pants strict will look great in tandem with fur products.
    Also  fur vest has obvious advantages over a fur coat - it does not hinder movement, comfortable, soft and practical. Buy a fur vest of fox not be difficult, as there are many styles and models of fur products. Age for such a purchase did not have the slightest importance. It can safely carry and a young girl, a young lady and sagacity years. Fur vest of fox - is an exquisite decoration for any fashionista.
    Once the rain, be sure to hang the vest on a hanger away from sources of heat and direct sunlight. Fur can not be ironed, and if it becomes uneven, then smooth the hand and walk with special comb.
     For storage of fur jackets need to hang on a hanger and put in a bag made of cloth. In no case do not fold it in a suitcase or on the shelf, the more do not shove a plastic bag.