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Slippers teplushka short white

Size36, 37, 38, 39
CompositionNatural wool of Merino sheep.
  • Голубой
Slippers Josephine.
    Warm slippers made of sheepskin - a useful acquisition for those who want to feel comfortable in any season. They have excellent thermal insulation properties, so they freeze you just will not succeed. However, slippers ventilated at a high temperature will not be hot in them. A big plus pet fur slippers made of sheepskin - it is their design. Such an unusual product will be happy all. Purchase slippers made of sheepskin, and you will feel warm and comfortable in his own home all year round!
Colour blue
Upper Material
100%  merino wool 
Soles material             
100 % natural Eva
The size exact size
- Slippers Sheepskin is necessary from time to time shaking and airing in the fresh air;
- Do not allow in their homes moth. As you know, natural wool and meh- indispensable treat for these insects;
- Sneaker store should be in a cardboard box or pouch of tissue. In no case do not store quencies sheepskin slippers in a plastic bag;
- Wash and clean slippers best hand.
- After washing rinse the product well and shake;
- Dry shoes made of sheepskin in a well-ventilated place in the fresh air, without direct rays.