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Slippers Fur "Snowflake"

CompositionNatural fur
  • Белый
The height of hair2,5 см
Slippers Fur "Snowflake"
Slippers "Snowflake" made from the wool of Australian merino sheep, which are high quality and the finest soft downy fiber. The sole is made of specific rubber material with non-slip coating - penosevilen that serves good ventilation - thanks to your legs never freeze. Convenient and practical slippers, good quality.
In recent years, is gaining widespread popularity shoes made of sheepskin. Fur sheepskin has excellent qualities:
  • he quickly warms the feet in the cold, at the same time, the limbs do not sweat;
  • excellent air circulation;
  • It protects against the development of fungal diseases of the skin and nails;
  • environmentally friendly material that does not cause allergies.
     To slippers did not lose their exquisite appearance, do not forget to take care of them. For this model, machine washable slippers strictly prohibited, otherwise sneaker ever lose its shape.