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"Blue slough" mink Headphones

Compositionmink fur
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Extraordinary, comfortable, high-quality, natural, warm and fashionable. Just like words can describe the original headphones "Blue slough " They perfectly protect your ears warm in winter, made of high quality natural materials, and extravagant appearance for a long time interested in all self-respecting fashionistas.
     Fur Headphones from norki. Naushniki not spoil the hairstyle or styling, so you can safely experiment with their way and not be afraid to freeze your ears. Headphones warm better than any fur hats. And in strong winds totally blown. The ears can be worn not only in winter, but also in autumn and spring. Unusual rare color headphones fit blondes or brunettes with blue or blue eyes. Beautiful winter accessory for urban fashionistas, which will emphasize your individuality. 
For what is love fur headphones "Blue slough":
very good ears warm even in severe frosts
do not spoil the hair or styling
It can be worn with a hood
It looks great with any coat, jacket or coat
Warm ears repeat the anatomical shape of the head and fastened on top, they have a robust frame that perfectly holds.
To headphones for a long time maintained their shape and look over time is no worse than on the day of purchase, is enough to observe a few simple rules that will extend the life of any fur headphones:
  • After returning home, the headphones must be careful to lightly shake them from the trapped dust, rain, snow, or residues;
  • Headphones should immediately dry at room temperature, the electric heaters warm fur able to deform even the most high-quality model;
  • It is best to store the headphones specifically target them cover. Fur Headphones are stored on the stand to the pile not hurting and not out of shape;
  • In the case of pollution model best option would be an appeal to the dry cleaners.