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Size58, 50, 60
  • Белый
Coat of mink, DESCRIPTION
Model: SM-99 type of fur: mink Colour: White Finish: Sable Length: 120 Colour: White colors Style of Length: Floor Availability hood: yes silhouette type: Slim-fit New Collection: Yes
    Fur coats made of white North American mink. Purchased at an auction in American Legent Sietle.Model has a fitted silhouette, length 120 cm. Magnificent decoration is soft hood turns into a shawl made of Barguzin sable.
Caring for fur coats and fur mink
   Proper care for your mink coat will prolong its life span, and you can enjoy the comfort and fashionable image for years to come. What you need to mink coat was stored for a long time and look good? The answers you will find in this article.
1. Fur should be stored in closed, ventilated, clean,, slaboosveschёnnyh areas protected from precipitation and soil moisture. Direct sunlight should not fall on the skins and products. This should be done to the fur does not fade, do not fade and are not dimmed. The best conditions for storage of fur products is considered to t from 0 to t +8 C at a relative humidity of 40-65%.
Fur products must be kept at least 1 meter from heaters and heating systems .In this case it is better to find another place to store your fur product. To prevent damage to the fur, preferably 1 time in 4 months the product ventilate in dimly lit rooms and replace the drug from moths the new packaging. To protect fur from moth and carpet beetle insecticide should be applied ( "moth" or other anti-moth, which is placed between fur and other products). It is not allowed to pour the product naphthalene.
2. Free space - it is a prerequisite for storing furs. It is no secret that any skin to breathe. The better the fur tanning, the more spacious it should be.
3. During storage in the closet, coat should be placed on good, solid hanger with wide shoulders.
4. If you are traveling, you should not pack your mink coat in a plastic bag - otherwise it may dry up. Mandatory ventilation - better suited semi-open bag.
5. It is not recommended to attach to your coat a variety of jewelry and accessories, no matter how beautiful they are. The structure of the fur can be easily damaged and scratched. Also, you should remember that you once wore a handbag on your shoulder - it will rub the coat in the place of contact with a handbag strap.
6. Do not use sprays as combating insects. Conventional tablets of moth fit best. Perfume - also not the best way to wear fur coats. Fur will absorb the smell, which over time can become a nuisance. All the same, it is organic
7. Do not use a hair dryer or similar equipment for emergency dry your mink coat. This will lead to rapid deterioration coat. Let it dry in a natural environment and their tempo