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Compositionleather, sheepskin.
  • Коричневый
Fur Hat "Polar explorer" a copy of Plate headdress, which was used in 30-40h years. It is a reliable protection from the cold!
   Fur hat helmet "Polar explorer" sits comfortably on the head, to wear does not cause discomfort. With this hat, you can fly in the sky and a long walk through the snow-covered plains. Genuine sheepskin perfectly holds heat, and long "ears" of the fur hat fastened under the chin, creating a serious barrier cold and wind. Universal helmet cap fur suit representatives of male and female, hurry to buy a warm accessory!

Colour: brown

Upper material: natural leather

Inner material: 100% merino wool:

Straps material: natural leather

Size: 54,56,58

Manufacturer: Albatross

If you accidentally hit a wet snow (and in our latitudes, weather can often be unpredictable), you should perform the following steps. On arrival in the room shake a winter hat, and then place it on a special stand. However, if she is not, then it is possible to use its role as a jar or pot. If you want your hats have served for a long time, the drying should take place naturally at room temperature.

  Avoid fur spirits that trigger the appearance of yellow spots. Moreover, such "footprints" has no display and no way to paint.
- Place the cap in a plastic bag,
- Put in a bright place,