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Helmet "Arctic Spirit" with straps

Compositionleather, suede, sheepskin.
  • Черный
Hurry to buy a fur hat "Arctic Spirit" with straps as gift a loved one or a favorite!
     Dreaming of a stylish winter hat? Fur Hat "Arctic Spirit" with straps - that is what you need! Men's winter hat ear flaps of the sheepskin headdress recalls the pilot 30-40-ies of the last century. She is very warm, securely hide the ears and neck from the cold and become a real highlight in your wardrobe. Leather hat with fur inside and outside leather trim perfectly with sheepskin coat or down jacket. With the help of special fasteners accessory sheepskin securely under the chin.  


     Leather hat with fur inside and outside leather trim. Easy buckle, through which accessory securely under the chin. In frosty weather this hat will delight any buyer, since only real fur is able to fully protect you even in times of extreme cold.  This accessory not only looks beautiful, but also representatively. Winter hats made of sheepskin - excellent retain heat, have a high wear resistance, suitable for people who suffer from allergies.


    The main rule - leather products is strictly forbidden to wash. The results will be dire: a skin peel off the protective layer and paint it coarsens, and dirt and stains often remain. Not dopuskaytet in its housing moth. As you know, natural wool and meh- indispensable treat for these insects;
    In no case can not be stored in airtight plastic bags. Wash and clean the best hand. After washing, rinse the product well and shake. Drying cap of sheepskin in a well-ventilated place in the fresh air, without direct rays.