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Armchair-poof "Molly"

  • Белый
Exclusive chair from the magnificent white fur - "Molly"
   Soft and pleasant to the touch unrealistic frameless seat bag in the form of a huge pouffe. The chair is equipped with an internal cover of increased strength and water repellent. Armchair-poof Molly bold and trendy solution for stylish interior room, and for a cozy bedroom. High quality fur in combination with traditional impeccable performance specialists helped to create this masterpiece. From practical reasons, the bottom of the product was decided to be made of eco-leather white. For ease of maintenance, we have implemented a system of external cover EasyCover, thanks to which, remove the outer cover with the pouf can be less than one minute, however, as the dress back. Dimensions of the chair allow it comfortably accommodate a person virtually any build.


Weight bag chairs:        4-5 kg.
External cover:              fur. natural
Inner Cover:                  yes
Filling:                           polystyrene
Cleaning and care:         Cleaning Dry
The height of the seat:   70 cm.
Diameter (max):            90 cm.
Seat height:                    30 cm.
Load (max):                   100 kg.
Warranty, years:            1







    Articles made of natural fur must be periodically cleaned of dust and dirt, shaking, airing and drying in air. To remove traces potozhirovye can wipe mixture containing ammonia (1 h. Spoon), sodium chloride (3 tablespoons) and water (0.5 liters) and ammonia or a mixture of denatured alcohol in equal parts.
   Since fur bean bags are not suitable for machine washing, then for heavy soiling is best to seek the services of dry cleaning. Small splashes or spots can be treated with a sponge soaked in warm soapy water. It is important not to allow excess moisture to the chair.
    To maintain a pleasant scent-bag chairs need to periodically treat it with talcum powder. And sometimes possible to ventilate the street and put in direct sunlight - it helps to restore the natural fur fibers and the preservation of their natural shine.
   And finally, if a long time to sit or lie on the fur chair with a high pile, it may remain characteristic traces. To get rid of them and bring back the old product fluffy, quite gently comb it with a conventional wire brush pet comb or hair.