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gray fox

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Materialarctic fox
The width of the upper part25сm
The width of the bottom30
The height of hair7сm
Skins pestsa.Vydelka Finland.
     Blyufrost fox Fox (Blue Frost Fox) - a hybrid of fox and fox, which was bred by artificial means. Fur sets of foxes or fox (or hybrids) are always valued highly. Fur their fluffy, it looks solid, expensive and perfectly warm in the most severe frosts. Natural fox fur with excellent performance on wearability. With proper dressing, he will serve you more than five seasons wit hout losing its original form.
     Besides skin coat sets, you can purchase and some skins, for example, on a vest, collar or headdress. This, incidentally, is another segment where polar fox simply has no equal, his thick, very beautiful fur collar as decorate any product or fox fur hat will look great with different outfits.
    Arctic fox Blue Frost fox goes well for hats and coats, and collars. In another way it is called silver fox or Blyufrost. Externally very similar to the fur fur silver-black fox, but, unlike her hair Blue Frost fox has three colors, but only two.
    According to Russian classification silver fox is also called lisopes, now it is quite common, but it is very popular because of the beauty of their skin. Fox fur natural fur is very similar Blyufrost, but apart from the difference in the number of colors awn hair, fur silver fox thicker than the fox fur. And do the hair is much shorter.
    It is fabulously beautiful fur, it looks elegant in any product and retains heat well. Because it gets really smart products. Blyufrost often stained darker or lighter shades of paint gives a color saturation or completely alter the natural color. But now more and more appreciated is the natural color of the fur, especially now that breeders bred hundreds neveroyat drink colored fur of various shades and types, you can also on our website, or stock.
    Natural silver fox with a slight smoky shade, ideal as a skin coat set for those who appreciate fur products not only beauty, but also comfort. Turning to us, at wholesale and retail warehouse fur skins (tanned furs) you can be sure of the quality of fur skins.
Gray fox
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   1) As with any other clothing, fur should be kept clean, for that they need to be aired, preferably in the cold days without rain, and knock on the wrong side light pohlapyvaniyami thin stick or a special clapper.
   2) When I got home, shake your fur coat, cap and other fur accessories before to remove them in place, this action will remove the product from dust and lift the crumpled fur.
   3) If the fur came under the snow or rain, you should just shake it with water using a brush and hang out to dry at room temperature, away from heaters. When the fur is dry, you need to gently comb his sparse comb with teeth is good for this purpose a special purchase Ceska. With fur has curl, for example, karakul, astrakhan, lambskin brush off the water with a clean cloth, comb not recommended lightly enough to beat the product from the wrong side.