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Mink walnut clarified

CompositionMink walnut clarified, tanning Canada
  • Коричневый
The width of the upper part19
The width of the bottom8
The height of hair2,5 см
Mink walnut clarified
    Mink beautiful pink color is very popular because of the nobility of his color. It is a natural mink color, and now very fashionable all natural, natural. Perhaps, therefore, a mink nut with more in demand every year. And, of course, because of the price.This is one of the most inexpensive options mink. Fur coat out of it turns a relaxing color, and dark spinal bands decorate her very. In the article, they look perfectly: if the fur is poured from light to darker tones. This color will suit everyone without exception: for women of any age and any skin color, medium-brown fur is going to face. The color is not easily soiled, practical and elegant at the same time: the ideal solution for the Russian winter. Mink is known for its durability and quality: in such attire can proschegolyat at least six seasons.
    Mink-colored walnut - is the Scandinavian mink pelts we buy directly in auctions, we have all the fur is certified and of the highest quality. In addition to excellent properties of color fur skanglow special appeal and gives it its versatility. This short, smooth over the entire length, dense and thick fur can be sewn, literally anything!
    The most intricate styles of fur coats, mink coats and coats, hats for men and women, jackets and even skirts! Single skin can be used for decoration accessories. For example, very relevant in this season bag with fur inserts. Due to its versatility, medium-brown fur is well combined with other colors, both with cold and with warm colors. Mink nut - a great choice for those who appreciate naturalness, quality and comfort.

Тип товара: Полуфабрикат

Do not moisten the flesh side
Do not dry the skin around a hair dryer or heating devices, DO NOT use an iron
Do not store the bottle in a plastic bag
DO NOT leave the skin in direct sunlight
DO NOT clean the skin with the help of "popular" means
   A few seasons have all owners of the white treasures question arises: how to clean a white mink and whether it can be cleaned at all? Brushing can and should be. But in any case, do not do this at home: better attributed to the dry cleaners, where do all the special equipment and is not exactly spoil fur. Traditional methods do not help, in the best case, the coat will stay exactly as it was, at worst - you spoil it completely. In addition, in a few seasons, the product can be repainted in a different color. Sam fur on the quality will remain the same excellent, and you get almost a new mink coat of another color, giving the money just for the painting.