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Mink pearl

CompositionMink Pearl tanning Canada
  • Коричневый
The width of the upper part19
The width of the bottom8
The height of hair2,5 см
Mink pearl

    Among the many mink fur colors color "pearl" stands out, above all, noble tone. This is truly a royal color, fully justifies its name. Pearly, iridescent colors of the rainbow, he is a real jewel in the world of mink fur. Colour was removed artificially through breeding. This is a lighter shade of beige mink. Pearls or as it is called Pearl mink, love ladies, glassware never linger on the shelves, but are quite expensive. In contrast to the lighter shades, it is not as easily soiled and is located on the border between dark and light, ideally combining the qualities of both.
   Visually, the fur is incredibly beautiful! He seemed to be shining, lit from within, giving the possessor luxury pearl coat incredible charm. And the quality of this fur is excellent, belongs to the category korotkovorsnyh furs. He even along the entire length, with a dense underfur, smooth and silky to the touch. Products from the "pearl" of fur are easy, fur well treated, it is made of not only outerwear, but also jackets, dresses and even skirts.
    If you are not a fan of black and brown mink coat and bright with natural mink fur your long-cherished dream, the Pearl mink fit perfectly. In addition, this fur is not afraid of moisture and well protected from the cold. Of course, this color is not as common as brown or black, and therefore the cost of it above.
    Frugal people who love in this look luxurious acquire not finished products and shubnye sets. So outfit will be much cheaper, even taking into account the individual tailoring in the fur atelier.
   As the fur that offers our company there is no doubt! We work directly with the world's leading fur auctions, and buy fur on fur farms solid. A dressing engaged our furriers. Fur coats and jackets from mink fur pearl - a premium product. Trendy, stylish, always current, perfectly sitting on a figure and emphasizing all the advantages of its owner. Order your wardrobe replenishment in our store and you will be satisfied with the new luxurious fur coat, a hat or a stylish collar.

Тип товара: Полуфабрикат

Do not moisten the flesh side
Do not dry the skin around a hair dryer or heating devices,
DO NOT use an iron
Do not store the bottle in a plastic bag
DO NOT leave the skin in direct sunlight
DO NOT clean the skin with the help of "popular" means
   A few seasons have all owners of the white treasures question arises: how to clean a white mink and whether it can be cleaned at all? Brushing can and should be. But in any case, do not do this at home: better attributed to the dry cleaners, where do all the special equipment and is not exactly spoil fur. Traditional methods do not help, in the best case, the coat will stay exactly as it was, at worst - you spoil it completely. In addition, in a few seasons, the product can be repainted in a different color. Sam fur on the quality will remain the same excellent, and you get almost a new mink coat of another color, giving the money just for the painting.