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White Mink

Size000. 00. S. M.
CompositionMink tanned Canada
  • Белый
The width of the upper part19
The width of the bottom8
The height of hair2,5 см
White Mink
    Great, festive and smart looks white mink fur! This is one of the most beautiful types of fur: mink fur coat white looks regal. White Mink - artificially bred species, which was first obtained in the United States over 150 years ago. Today it is widely bred, mainly in North America, Scandinavia and Finland.
    Despite the fact that it is well in captivity live and breed, keep it easy because of the white, crystal clear color. Therefore, the cost is quite expensive white mink. But it does not stop the beauties of the world, to get to his collection of unusual color of the product.
    Fur white mink needs to be very careful dressing, so do not buy it in questionable places: only where you can provide documents and certificates of quality. You can buy a white mink fur in St. Petersburg, our wholesale and retail store or ordered through the website. We sell the skins, which excrete only our professional furriers. Therefore, as you proposed product can be no doubt.
    Elegant white mink fur differs dense undercoat, lint, short and smooth, silky and dense to the touch. The peculiarity of this color is that it is the same throughout the white skin, unlike other types of mink, where there is always a different light and dark places. It allows you to create homogeneous color of things without resorting to staining.
   This lightweight, shiny fur in the sun, which has a water-repellent properties. In addition, it is quite socks will serve you more than one season. Today mink white (white) at the peak of popularity. Products made of it are often found in the collections of famous designers. The main advantage of this fur - a dazzling white color, and is its main drawback. For everyday wear this coat is clearly not good, too easily soiled.

Тип товара: Полуфабрикат

Do not moisten the flesh side
Do not dry the skin around a hair dryer or heating devices, DO NOT use an iron
Do not store the bottle in a plastic bag
DO NOT leave the skin in direct sunlight
DO NOT clean the skin with the help of "popular" means
   A few seasons have all owners of the white treasures question arises: how to clean a white mink and whether it can be cleaned at all? Brushing can and should be. But in any case, do not do this at home: better attributed to the dry cleaners, where do all the special equipment and is not exactly spoil fur. Traditional methods do not help, in the best case, the coat will stay exactly as it was, at worst - you spoil it completely. In addition, in a few seasons, the product can be repainted in a different color. Sam fur on the quality will remain the same excellent, and you get almost a new mink coat of another color, giving the money just for the painting.