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Size70-80 Дц 2
CompositionCrafted not dyed Skin Mouton
  • Белый
The height of hair1.5 см
   Tanned sheepskin selling wholesale and retail. Skin-haired, high quality, suitable for sewing slipcovers, capes and other products. Factory tanning, natural white color.
   Mouton skins - fur noble restraint. The most popular and democratic fur - a sanitized sheep, mutton. Modern technologies allow you to attach the fur of various shades, set the length of the pile. Designers love this stuff and fun to sew beautiful and elegant models.
    Skin Mouton pretty big. This allows fashion designers sew big products: fur coats, sheepskin coats. The technology of processing skins - the most advanced. The skin becomes soft, supple, good drape. This makes it possible not to limit creativity.
   Fur Mouton very warm. He, unlike other fur items, it is not afraid of wet snow, rain, wind. Things Mouton energetic men are happy, and business women, and children. In the context of Russia it is such coats will be most in demand.

Шкурка из мутона довольно большая. Это позволяет модельерам шить крупные изделия: шубы, дубленки. Технология обработки шкурки – самая передовая. Кожа становится мягкой, податливой, хорошо драпируется. Это дает возможность не ограничивать творчество.

   Caring for fur Mouton is one of the easiest. With a little effort you can save the beautiful appearance of fur for years to come. Observance of simple rules will extend the life of fur products:
  • keep coat on a hanger with wide shoulders;
  • Do not store the product in a special bag for clothes especially made of polyethylene. Mech requires a constant flow of air;
  • be careful with jewelry and accessories, which can damage or wipe the fur. With long-term wear on the spot is wiped belt fur, and if wearing a bag over his shoulder, then coat will trace from its strap