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Fur envelope

SizeFor children aged 6-36 months
  • Коричневый
Length96 см
The width of the upper part52 см
The width of the bottom47 см
The height of hair2,5 см
Fur envelope
  • 100% Australian Merino sheepskin (not synthetic)
  • It protects against extreme wind in cold weather
  • Genuine natural insulation comforts baby's skin
  • natural climate, year-round nailing
  • It prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses
  • gipallergennyysvoystva antibacterial and self-cleaning does not smell
  • It eliminates the need for a blanket and jacket in winter
  • It removes moisture in the summer to reduce sweat and keep your baby in a comfortable environment
  • convenient and compact form. And it is very soft. Height 2.5 cm fur
  • Universal pocket provided in a variety of different sizes and colors aterproof top.
  • holding pocket shape for years
  • Tested safety Ros potreb supervision for infants and young children. use cases in a wheelchair in the cradle, game pad, envelope to be discharged
  • made in Russia with love for children
Fur envelope main characteristics.
     Fur cover made of genuine Australian Merino sheepskin, has a convenient central zipper and two small zipper in the legs, which makes it easy to undo the envelope and, if necessary, to use it in expanded form, such as a warm liner for a pram or a comfortable blanket, or a mat . With a special lace upper part of the envelope can be tightened like a hood, and thereby reliably protect the baby from wind and frost. On the back of the envelope has openings for safety belts, which allows you to lock the envelope in a wheelchair.
     Genuine sheepskin, dressed specially for babies in the processing of hides not used any chemicals not so sheepskin has natural white appearance. It has useful medical properties, has a relaxing effect and improves blood circulation. Natural air gap between the child's skin and hair can save oxygen exchange. In addition, a sheepskin on 100% consists of protein molecules and not a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, thus preventing their reproduction. Scale Structure of fur fibers repel dirt and has a natural property of cleaning itself. Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture vapor while remaining dry and warm to the touch.
     The envelope can be washed in the washing machine, set the mode to "wash coat" at 30 degrees. For the drying of the envelope should be spread out on a flat surface covered by a towel, fur top. In the process of drying the skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight and direct heat sources.
lining made of soft 100% sheepskin (dressed for medical purposes and has a high therapeutic value);
the upper part and 100% polyamide with waterproof coating;
carefully crafted natural sheepskin without dyes helps to prevent the development of viruses and bacteria, non-allergenic and absorbs sweat and moisture away from the body of the child
Envelope is designed to meet the climatic characteristics of Russia, a warm and natural wool with special treatment does not allow your baby to overheat, and at the same time retains heat.
    Genuine sheepskin inherent self-cleaning properties of cleaning, so that it is by nature constantly renews itself and thus remains clear. To clean stains, simply rub the wool together, and then shake or wipe the soiled area with a damp cloth or blow dry and clean air.
    Washing Instructions:
Please note that produktyiz sheepskin after washing will not vyglyadetkak new. We recommend that you only occasionally wash. Constant washing shorten the life of the product. If necessary, proceed to clean the instructions.
1. Dry cleaning.
The product can also be given in a professional dry cleaning. We recommend dry cleaning for the best results.
2. Hand wash
Sheepskin accepted wash in the bathroom, filled to the middle of water at a temperature of 38 ° C, using a small amount of mild liquid detergent for washing wool. We strongly recommend to use on their products cleaners with bleach or caustic chemicals.
While you can not wash often to mix the product in the water; you need to act very carefully, just gently soak the product in water, rub the palm of dirt molecules. The water must be in sheep on average from 3 to 5 minutes.
Pour the dirty water and then pour the product with a solution of soapy clean water. After rinsing, remove the cloth and thoroughly dry it, when all the excess water is pressed, drag the product on a flat, level surface.
To quickly dry, you can use a dry clean towel, laid it under erasure thing and prozhmite hands. Dry cloth should be away from sources of light and artificial heat, preferably in a dry, well-ventilated area. Do not try to accelerate the process of drying fan heaters, they can cause a reduction in product and hardening vorsa.Sovetuem use such detergents as Eucalan and MELP, which do not contain enzymes and brighteners These detergents can be easily purchased online or at the store household chemicals.
3. Machine wash
Machine wash option can be used, carefully following the instructions below. Treat items as you would a fine wool sweater. Use "wash coat" cycle of the washing machine and wash in warm water (40 ° C / 105 ° F) with a lanolin-based detergent. Use only lanolin-based detergents such as Eucalan and MELP, which did not contain enzymes and bleaches (ie not use Woolite). These detergents can be easily purchased online or at the store household chemicals.