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The carpet of black Icelandic sheepskin, from 6 skins

Size2.1 1.7 м.
  • Черный
   The carpet of black Icelandic sheepskin - is undeniably beautiful, soft and luxurious product, be sure to find its place in your home. In addition, he is also one of the warmest natural fibers in the world. Photos and descriptions are absolutely inadequate, that would understand how beautiful this rug sheepskin really. You just have to experience for yourself, just touching it, you will be able to fully appreciate what we're talking about.
Carpet sewn from 6 black sheep skins Icelandic breed.
pile length 18-25 cm.
Carpet Size 2.1 mx 1.7 m.
Very soft and pleasant to the body.
The wool hypoallergenic. People with allergies and asthma, as well as children with fragile immune systems do not become hostages of their diseases, and experience maximum comfort and pleasure of using our products.
  • do not dry fur near a heater, in direct sunlight or a hairdryer;
  • not stroke the fur lining and iron;
  • do not wash or wet the fur;
  • do not comb wet fur;
  • Do not store wet or dirty fur in the bag;
    The carpet can be vacuumed, and leatherette material on the reverse side of the carpet can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
     If necessary, the carpet can be taken to the dry cleaners, where specialists will conduct a delicate fur dry cleaning. It is not recommended to wash your own fur rugs and process chemicals that are not intended for cleaning furs. In the case of wet product, it is necessary to shake, try as much as possible to remove the moisture with paper napkins, not rubbing the fur and squeezing it. Absolutely can not use heaters to dry the fur, as well as it can not dry in direct sunlight. Dry carpet on a horizontal surface in a dry place at room temperature.