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Afghan Karakul silver

Size12 дцм2
Compositionnatural tanned fur
The width of the upper part20
The height of hair0.6
    It has long astrakhan coats are considered a sign of good taste and wealth of their owners. Considering that the material from which the product is custom made, we should speak about the longevity of her coat. At the wrong choice it is likely that you will be able to show off her only a few seasons.
   Afghan karakul has ribbed, flat curl pattern. Dimensions skins slightly more Uzbek, astrakhan with extraordinary brilliance that gives it a luxurious look. This doodle is very high quality and lightweight, and therefore its value is much higher Uzbek.
    Afghan karakul on its texture more coarse and dense. And all because the Afghan sheep large animals. Fur Afghan karakul can be seen in a very rich color rainbow.


Афганский каракуль по своей текстуре более грубый и плотный. А все, потому что афганские овцы крупные животные. Мех афганского каракуля можно увидеть в очень богатой цветовой радуге. Еще одно его отличие – это блеск меха.

    Astrakhan fur peculiarity lies in its unusual pile, which look very unusual curls. In no case can not be independently try to comb it. Due to the crease wool clothing very quickly lose its luster and appearance.
    If the product of astrakhan fur gets wet from snow or rain should dry it in a natural way. It is not recommended to use for this purpose, a hair dryer or other electrical appliances. Also adversely affect the drying rays of the sun. It would be correct exactly hang on coat hangers, to give an opportunity to dry the fur directly into the room.
     Karakul tends to absorb odors, and therefore should not be applied on it perfume, then it will be difficult to get rid of them. Unpleasant wrinkles on the coat may be formed from the constant wearing of the strap from the bag on his shoulder.