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Karakul brown

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  • Коричневый
Afghan karakul sur (brown).

   Afghan karakul, as the name implies, is produced  in Afghanistan. Traditions skins manufacture of astrakhan and karakulcha, for many centuries, because there is a process worked out to perfection: a qualitative and a beautiful fur, which today is very much appreciated.
    Generally scrawl was very popular in the Soviet era, from it did not only fur coats for the wives of high party officials, but also throughout trimmed collars and sewed hats for workers of the vast country. Then he replaced the mink, astrakhan but today is experiencing a rebirth and again at the zenith of fame.
    Production of various models of astrakhan fur coats and, in particular, from karakulcha well that fur unusual in itself. You can do some special styles, not to add unnecessary accessories, fur coat, even the simplest models is so elegant and stylish. Curls Afghan karakul-ribbed flat. This is their main difference from other types of karakul. In addition, Afghan karakul fur is unusually shimmers in the light, that creates an additional, very beautiful visual effect.
    Karakulcha from astrakhan different gloss, thickness and pattern, which curls are not so clearly formed, like astrakhan. This silky moiré cover that fits snugly to the Mezdra, it is very soft and gentle to the touch.
    Karakulcha looks prettier and more elegant than the usual scrawl, and valued as expensive as the Afghan karakul the highest grades. As for practicality, the fur karakulcha not the socks worn astrakhan much longer. The coat of karakulcha can flaunt 2-3 season. But success will be exactly stunning, fur, this stunningly beautiful, with original patterned design.
   As for the heat, and here broadtail inferior to many types of fur: In extreme cold it will not be able to walk for a long time. It's light and thin part of leather. Usually this fur makes magnificent beauty of things, exclusive and chic, created more as a decoration, not as a warm winter clothes. Broadtail also used as a finishing material, often for the demi-season coat, or even evening dresses.

   Аstrakhan fur peculiarity lies in its unusual pile, which look very unusual curls. In no case can not be independently try to comb it. Due to the crease wool clothing very quickly lose its luster and appearance.
  If the product of astrakhan fur gets wet from snow or rain should dry it in a natural way. It is not recommended to use for this purpose, a hair dryer or other electrical appliances. Also adversely affect the drying rays of the sun. It would be correct exactly hang on coat hangers, to give an opportunity to dry the fur directly into the room.
   Karakul tends to absorb odors, and therefore should not be applied on it perfume, then it will be difficult to get rid of them. Unpleasant wrinkles on the coat may be formed from the constant wearing of the strap from the bag on his shoulder.