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black Karakul

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  • Черный
Tanned skins of astrakhan, astrakhan Afghan
    Karakulcha black - unusually beautiful fur that looks great in any products. Black astrakhan and broadtail receive from the karakul breed lambs. The main suppliers of furs are Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and South Africa. And the Uzbek astrakhan-broadtail value below Afghanistan - more expensive in price and better in quality. A South African - a luxury fur, it is considered as the best. Karakul and broadtail differ from each other in appearance and quality. Karakulcha more delicate fur, flesh side with a fine, apply the product from it should be cautious.
      Karakul rougher compared to karakulcha, but still, it does not yield karakulcha beauty. In astrakhan fur curls decorated, and here at karakulcha they almost formed, smaller. This creates a very beautiful, like a moire pattern that shines and shimmers, the product of the fur that looks just delicious.
      Despite the fact that the socks broadtail less than scrawl, her love for the unusual fashionista, chic fur patterns that seem to ripple on the water, create unique patterns. As for color, toshkurki astrakhan come in all colors. But that black is chic classic. It is perfectly suited to the clothes of any color, gives the figure of harmony and makes the image as a whole more attractive.
     Even astrakhan and broadtail different from other furs fur greater plasticity. Therefore, they are made of not only the usual fur, but more refined things. For example, look chic winter coat karakulcha, they are stylish and solid. And not only coats: hats, accessories and finishing all kinds of clothes, suits, jackets, and even scarves are made of astrakhan and karakulcha.
1. Meh "does not like" the impact of excessive heat. Therefore, it is not recommended to stroke the fur and
    lining, hairdryer to dry in the sun or under the heater.
2. It is impossible to avoid getting wet flesh side - is very much shorten the life of the product.
3. Astrakhan fur combing impossible.
4. The fur is very well absorbs any odors, you should try not to appear in
    smoky room, do not spray on his spirits.
5. Clean the fur astrakhan only be dry-cleaned. Although any cleaning reduces service life.
    By following the above rules, you will wear the product for a long time, and the fur will remain the same as at the first fitting.