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Fur coat from arctic fox

Size42, 44, 46
CompositionArctic fox
  • Коричневый
Length60 cm.
This coat will be nice to go to a reception and walk to the shops! Soft and very nice fur envelops you with warmth and creates an unsurpassed view and elegant obraz.Eta coat - a fresh note to your wardrobe!
     Fur coat from a luxury Mouton. The model is made of optimum length, which allows the best way is to sit on any figure, design execution and allows to combine other wardrobe items. Free cut and does not restrict movement avtoledi fit perfectly. Coat fastens on strong hooks and has two side pockets. Every self-respecting lady simply must have at mouton coat.
   1) As with any other clothing, fur should be kept clean, for that they need to be aired, preferably in the cold days without rain, and knock on the wrong side light pohlapyvaniyami thin stick or a special clapper.
   2) When I got home, shake your fur coat, cap and other fur accessories before to remove them in place, this action will remove the product from dust and lift the crumpled fur.
   3) If the fur came under the snow or rain, you should just shake it with water using a brush and hang out to dry at room temperature, away from heaters. When the fur is dry, you need to gently comb his sparse comb with teeth is good for this purpose a special purchase Ceska. With fur has curl, for example, karakul, astrakhan, lambskin brush off the water with a clean cloth, comb not recommended lightly enough to beat the product from the wrong side.