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Coat Mouton

Size42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54
  • Белый
Length92 cm.
Mouton - a beautiful fur for the Russian cold. It retains heat well, perfectly resists moisture, and most importantly, it is very hardwearing.
   Mouton fur collar. The model  is made in the original style, and you are sure to enjoy the performance of a design that makes it possible to come up with a combination of different accessories. Belt looks great and helps to highlight the waistline, which gives femininity. Gate-way rack gives delicacy and femininity!
      These furs are a mandatory part of the wardrobe of any fashionista.
      Mouton coats do not like contact with the bulging pile of fur accessories. Therefore, we must avoid the constant carrying of bags, belts and other "friction" on the surface of fur accessories.
    Mouton coat, despite the reinforced water-resistant qualities must be qualitatively dried after each product into a wet precipitation. Dry mutton recommended at room temperature without holding fur or to heating appliances or for conditioners and certainly no longer coat hanging on the battery and over the stove. Mouton coats like space, so they should be placed in a separate enclosure away from other things: the fur is not so rumpled and the product will last longer.
      At home, you can purge Mouton from contamination. Mouton - resistant fur and from it can be cleaned of dirt, even the water with a small amount of detergent. With this cleaning most importantly - carefully remove the traces of the powder after the procedure and dry coat without sunlight on the surface of the fur.
     Mouton cleaned from dust with a vacuum cleaner or even just simply knock out, carrying his coat to fresh air.