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A fur coat from arctic fox №63

Size44, 46, 48, 50
Compositionarctic fox
  • Коричневый
Length90 cm.
Feminine coat fur fox not only looks gorgeous, but she is also very warm. Turn any woman into a queen, and would be the best gift for you and your family!
     Model of the coats of fur high quality fox. An important feature of this coat - collar-boat that allows you to emphasize the beautiful curve of the neck. The sleeves are straight, not shirokie.Obratim attention to the length of the product, to the knee, that is 90 cm. The length allows you to give a space of imagination and choose a different length skirts and dresses. Coat fastens izpestsa on skin coat hooks and has two side slash pockets. Great model fur coats fox will help you create a unique image for every day.
  • In no case do not leave the fur near chemicals. Remember also that these things are afraid of the heat or the sun. Needless to say, fur items should be stored on hangers.
  • Do not pack items in too dense cover, but also can not be without it. Thus, the case should be of a synthetic fabric to, for example, simply coat your breathing.
  • Put in space. Spoil their style is not permissible.
  • To moles did not eat your favorite fur product, also requires additional special features to wardrobe.
  • Stagnation for fur are also harmful. Try to slowly ventilate the fur on the spring and summer holidays. Did you know that there are special fur refrigerator. That they have all the necessary storage conditions: pressure, humidity and temperature.
  • Batteries - ban for fur! In no case do not dry fur on batteries. It is important the independent drying process. In general, try to avoid contact with the water coat. In the case of extreme emergency take a fur coat to experts. Why then need cleaning ?!
  • You can a little "pet" coat. To do this, buy a special brush for cleaning.