Arctic fox

      In nature, there are white and blue foxes. The color and structure of their fur depend on the time of year. However, even foxes output method selection, so the skins of these animals can be a wide variety of shades from snow to dark brown. Because skin can be snow-white fox (Blue Shadow Fox), gray (Blue Frost Fox) and even black.
    Beautiful,  fluffy, soft and comfortable  skin  fox valued  primarily for their high aesthetic qualities. Pestsovoye fur, due to its ability to retain heat, ideally suited for even the most severe winter. We offer fur, which has high wear resistance and perfect quality.
     In  addition, fox fur has unique  restorative properties.  That is  all worn hair Pestsovaya skins can be easily restored if you put in their place new pieces of fur. Thus its plastic characteristics are stored for a long time. At the request of fox fur can be repainted in different colors.
     Fur fox different types you can always buy in our online store at the most reasonable prices. We offer a wide range of quality Pestsovoye fur, which has many important advantages and distinctive features.
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