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How to choose a hat


These recommendations are suitable for those who freeze parts of the face, as they are sure that they look bad in a hat. To choose a hat for a cold period, it must be borne in mind that it is not the colour and style of the headdress that is important, but the conformity to the shape of the human face.
Determination of face shape
There are various options to choose a hat. The most optimal and accurate involves the use of a centimetre tape. It is necessary to take a tape, paper and pencil and record all the indicators of the face. You need to stand in front of a mirror and take four measurements on your face:
The width of the frontal part of the face. The centimetre applied in the centre of the forehead. The beginning is counted from the edge of the left eyebrow, and the end is from the right
The length from one cheekbone to the other determines facial width. The tape applied to the relief points of the face. As a rule, they are located under the extreme eye points
The chin. Size from the lower edge of the chin to the angular extreme point of the jaw. Having measured with a tape, the indicator is doubled
Size in length of the face. The tape is applied to the area near the point where hair begins to grow and to the tip of the chin
The following face types exist:
• Oval. Dina's face is one and a half times larger than its width. The size of the frontal part and the lower part are almost equal. The corners rounded, just like the beginning of hair growth. It is very easy to find a model
• Round. Almost equal dimensions in different directions. The chin has a rounded shape; the line of the beginning of hair growth has the shape of an arc
• Rectangular. The size of the face from top to bottom exceeds the size in width. The index of the frontal part and the lower part are approximately equal
• Square. The size corresponds to the indicator between the cheekbones. The size in width at the top of the face and at the bottom are almost the same
• Triangular. The forehead and cheekbones are quite large, but the lower face is narrow and pointed. Hair begins to grow in an arc or heart
• Pear-shaped. The chin features are large enough with a small forehead; the length of the face is different; 
• Diamond shaped. They also call it "diamond". The chin is smaller than the distance from cheekbone to cheekbone. The length of the face may vary. 

Having established the type of your face, you can choose a hat to wear in season.

Oval human face
To pick up a hat, it is essential - you should not make your face too long.
The standard of beauty considered a symmetrical oval face. Such people can pick up any shape of hats, including various hats. However, be careful when choosing tall hats with oversized pompoms. It is best to choose asymmetric hats that cover your forehead.
Round face type
It is important to give the face a stretched look.
Chubby people do not have to pick up tight hats as well as those that pulled over their foreheads. To lengthen the face, it is worth picking up hats with a large pompom, knitted hats of a large volume. Vertical patterns on the headdress go well. Options can chosen to taste: fedora, berets, and caps of any shape. However, hats should worn without pulling over the forehead and giving an asymmetrical appearance.
Rectangular face type
At the same time, the task is to make the elongated shape visually smaller and round off the angular features. You need to pick up the caps that form a horizontal line. Models of a rounded type with large cuffs, earflaps, which fastened with ears at the top, hats, which have a low crown and large brim, are suitable here. Pick up a good cap. These hats hide the upper part of the face and hide the elongated shape.
Square face type
In this case, it is necessary to make it more elongated, and the features - soft. Such people should not choose options for scarves and hats that have massive decor. In order not to fix your attention on a massive chin, you should choose hats with a rounded silhouette. For example, such: beret, such as different caps with a small visor, hat - beanie are quite suitable. Hats should worn at the very top, so that the top of the face remains free. In the cold, it is worth picking up hats - earflaps with ears down, hats with braids and pompons pointing down.
Triangular face
In this case, it is necessary to focus on the cheekbone area. It is worth picking up hats that cover the frontal part. It is important that they are not overly tight. It is good to choose hats that have a small brim, various hats with ears, berets pulled on the forehead or on the side, fur hats. It is very good to choose asymmetric hats.
Pear-shaped face type
In this case, the face must made outwardly wider. It is advisable for such people to wear hats in the fall that have the shape of horizontal or directed top of the brim. Looks good fedora, derby. It should be borne in mind that the model's crowns should be wider than the chin. In cold weather, it is good to pick up hats that tied in volume and snood, which mask the massive part of the cheekbones and accentuate the look on the upper part of the face.
Diamond-shaped type of face
It is worth adding volume to the top of the head. Draw attention to the cheekbones of the face. At the same time, the size of the cap is slightly larger them. Variants of kepi, headwear that have horizontal margins, are well suited if they are worn by sliding them to their side. The size of the caps should be three-dimensional. In the event that the face shape is not particularly elongated, there is a chance to wear fur hats and hats raised up.