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  • Helmet "Arctic Spirit"

Helmet "Arctic Spirit"


  • Brand: Albatross
  • Product Code: 0023
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Compositionleather, sheepskin.
Hurry to buy a fur hat "Arctic Spirit" with straps as a gift for a loved one!

Tags: black, fur, mens, sheepskin, hats

Arctic Spirit Helmet

   This extremely warm and cozy "Arctic spirit" winter fur hat is covered with high-quality black leather outside and 100% natural white Merino sheepskin covers it inside. Also, it has a couple of leather straps so that you could tighten it up and feel warm even in especially cold and ghastly weather. The front side of it is covered with Merino sheepskin which makes it look so cute and stylish.

Also, this one, like many other our products, is handmade so the quality is guaranteed.

By the way, this hat will be a perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself.

- This leather hat, as the majority of leather clothes, is strictly forbidden to wash. In case you need to clean it, get it dry-cleaned and it will look like new.

- Australian Merino sheepskin is easy to clean, so in case it gets dirty you always can shake the dirt off pretty easily.

- By the way, from time to time wipe its leather part with wet towel wipes - it will help to keep it clean and fresh-looking.

- Also, hats are a primary lure for different types of bacteria so dont leave them in warm and dry places for long. And please pack them into cardboard or wrap them into the paper but not in airtight plastic bags.

With all this todays craze for living "clean" lives, a well-washed and clean hat is your best friend, remember that!

Inner material 100% merino sheepskin
Straps material natural leather
Upper material natural leather
Color black
Sizes: 54, 56, 58
Manufacturer: Albatross

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