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      Fur products include a variety of fur items made ​​of natural fur and fur skins, raw and tanned hides and skins of fur-bearing, marine animals, domestic and farm animals. Thus,furskins can vary with raw materials, intermediates and products.
Furskins raw - raw hides.
Fur hulf stuff - tanned, sometimes colored skins that are suitable for the manufacture of products.
Furskins product - all kinds of products made ​​from real fur, including fur and plates.
     Sheepskin fur.  These are hides of fine fleece, and halfkemp breeds of sheep. The hair of sheepskin is uniform in height (up to 8 sm), consisting of thin, strongly and uniformly crimped hair thickness of 25 microns. Sheepskin has a thick-wooled and high hair, consisting of a coarser and less convoluted hair than fine-wool sheepskin. The thickness of the hair 25,1-31 mm. Halfkemp sheepskin is uneven hair, thick hair is longer than 31 micrometers. Sheepskin fur produced bobbed (with a height of hair from 5 to 20 mm depending on the destination), natural or dyed. In recent years the use of fur trim sided sheepskin: ennoble hair and the leather, produce so-called fur suede and sheepskin fur coated.Clothing, hats, collars, vests are made from sheepskin fur.
   Sheepskin halfkemp obtained from coarse-wooled sheep breeds: Romanov, Russian, etc. They are characterized by rough, uneven height scalp consisting of a guard and downy hair. For a contemporary sheepskin fur coat typical two-way of semi-finished trim on the part of the hair and the leather. Sheepskin may have furcoat film coating. From sheepskin furcoat semi-finished products manufactured different coats.

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