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Fox fur coats

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Natural fox fur coat for ladies

This fur is unique in beauty. It is truly luxurious: bright, fluffy, very warm. The long nap of this type of fur allows you to create the most unusual outfits. It is not in vain that all the famous Hollywood stars of past years preferred to wear fox fur products. Many believe that it even has magical properties, giving women a special seduction.

The strengths of fox fur coats include:

  • Appearance. Such a fur coat looks expensive and beautiful.
  • The ability to keep warm. By this property, the fox is equated to a mink, so that for frosty winters will suit perfectly.
  • Ability to choose shades. It would seem, what difference could it make between one red fox and another? But it is, the fur of each animal has its own color features, and therefore the palette of coats is diverse. You can also choose the length and cut, depending on your taste and your preferred style.

The advantages of fox fur are high pin hair and a thick undercoat. It is long, shiny, warm. It warms up well, and in severe frost it gets even fluffier and therefore warmer. This catalogue presents the russian real fox skin coat for sale.

Fur coat - symbol of charm and coquetry.

There are many species of foxes in nature. The fur of these animals is almost the same in its qualities. The difference can be noticeable in the brightness of colors and shades. In our online store you can find fur coats from the Arctic fox.

Arctic fox (Polar fox) is subspecies of polar fox, akin to a fox. Often, these two subspecies are combined into one, as the only difference - the platinum hue of the Arctic Fox - does not appear in all its representatives. This fur is similar to the "platinum fox", as it also has white hair, but differs in the absence of gray tips. Instead, there is a completely colored awn: black - at the ridge and white - on the rest. Completely white colour of fur at other variety - Arctic Marble Frost Fox.

Give your preference to stylish and luxurious things that will emphasize your figure and cheer up. Women's real fox fur coat are presented  for salein our shop.

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