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Dear Friends!
Our company Albatros is permanently seeking for new partners from other countries. Our request is: Merino sheep skins for clothes, wet-salted or dry-salted, wet-blue (white color). The origin we are interested in is: USA, Canada, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, England.
The quality we need is 54-56 and higher, with the hair lenght of 2-4 cm, 18-22 microns, with the size from 75 square decimeters.
Also we would be glad to know about the product prices (per 1 piece CIF Novorossiysk, Russia) and the country of shipment.


Director's name:   Murzakhanov Saveliy
E-mail:                 sava230653@yandex.ru
Phone Number:    +1 879.339.1327
Skype:                   sweetangel1410
Facebook:             http://www.facebook.com/pages/Albatross/175897799127346



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