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       In the warm season, when the shipment in dry salted form is not allowed  can be used dry salted canning. At the same time carry out pickling of skins is as well as in wet salted way. However, the duration of exposure of skins to reduce skin for 1-2 days, then they are dried to a moisture content of 8-12%. Salt consumption is reduced by half compared with wet salted way. Before drying of skins,after exposure, they carefully cleaned of remaining in their salt.In the summer skins should be dried under a canopy, which halts the sunny side of a tarpaulin, mats or burlap. Drying in the open air, especially in the sun is strictly forbidden.In winter skins dried in a heated room, hanging them from a distance no closer than 1 m from the heat source. Both indoors and under cover,should be hung on the wood, smooth bark peeled sides with thickness of 3-5 sm skin drying on ropes, wire, stakes and other non-skin hung are not reccomended.on the ridge line, hide side out so that both sides of the pole left and right halves skin hung equally. The distance between the poles should be at least 12-14 sm.On the poles straightened out all the plications of skin. Floors, rump, gates, part of the head and feet must unpacking wth the splinters, so at drying these parts are not folded into a tube. The skin should be periodically moved across the pole, dropping one of its sides for uniform drying twist.To dry skins under a canopy or in the dryer should not with air temperature below 20 degrees and no higher than 35C. They must be ventilated at all times (light draft).
       For better ventilation skin should not hang on the length of the overhang, and the width (across) it. Under these conditions, drying (dry salt) closes two days.Well dried skin has the following features: it is elastic,When you hit the side of the finger joints  heard a distinct sound, dry coat.

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