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There are many names of this fur: Astrakhan lamb, Persian lamb, Svakara. It depends on the origin and way of processing. Astrakhan became fashionable at the end of the XIX century.  In those distant times only wives of senior government officials and political elites could afford to wear an Astrakhan fur coat. It was expensive and prestigious. Only strict classical products of black and gray color were sewing. It widely used for collars and cuffs coat, hat and astrakhan caps. 

The Karakul gained a special popularity in the military 40s, the lack of assortment affected. New life in this fur breathed 80's, from it began to sew classic, long fur coats, ponchos and jackets. And in the early 90's thanks to Ralph Lauren, the karakul was beaten in the national spirit - he showed hats-kubanki and hussar hunters decorated with cords. Since then, the finest karakulcha does not descend from the catwalks, which goes to a variety of products - stoles and tops, jackets and skirts, dresses, coats, handbags and slippers.

Afghan Astrakhan

Black astrakhan
Brown Astrakhan

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