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Arctic fox

      Fur of arctic fox ideal for those who appreciate the comfort and warmth, in combination with beauty.Fur of arctic fox used as a base material in many kinds of women's clothing and all sorts of coats and accessories.These are coats, mantles, sleeves,bags.Fur gained widespread love and  popularity among women and has come into fashion at all times after the blue fox fur was actively appearing on the screens of Hollywood movies on the shoulders of the best beatiful women.Fur of arctic fox is a lush, warm and comfortable, so it is often used in luxury fashion.Its well known that in nature there are two types of arctic fox -white and blue.
      In the wild blue foxes are less than white. Therefore, the first valued more. Breeders genetically secured the desired color and breed only blue beasts. Blue fur color called overcast sky of varying thickness.
      Arctic fox fur also called platinum for the similar color with the color of the precious metal. Resembling the color of skin have a cellular platinum fox.
      The fur is light blue and white-beaked fox has a thick guard hairs with white base and blue ending. Painted the tips of guard hairs form a backdrop for a light, almost white fluff beautiful bluish veil. The skin on the whole it seems dull and hazy like platinum. This fox fur is in great demand at international auctions.
      Is also known for this kind of fur - foxdog, which is a hybrid of blue fox and silver fox.

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