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About company

Here you will find some more info about the company of Albatross Canada - what kinds of materials we use, why we use them and why our Merino products are the best choice.

Have you ever thought of buying clothes which are not only cozy and convenient to wear but also good for health? 

Here you are - we offer you top of the range clothes made of the most famous kinds of fur in the world! The company of Albatross was founded in 1992 in Pyatigorsk, Russia and throughout all its history it has been one of the world's best companies in this field. We make lots of kinds of apparel out of the most high-quality fur because our goal is to satisfy our customers and get recommended! We work with the most famous and fashionable kinds of fur like sheepskin, sable, marten, chinchilla, mink, fox, Arctic fox and many more. We specialize in making high-quality coats, woolen vests, caps, and even carpets! 

We try to make our products fully meet your needs and that's why we purchase fur from around the world - Canada, Russia, Finland, and Denmark - there are only a few from the long list of our suppliers. We buy our fur from the best auctions around the world because we want to make sure that our customers wear our products with gratitude and will definitely come to us again! Our company of Albatross exports the best products made of fur all over the world. People of all countries wear our warm & stylish apparel and enjoy it for years!

We also make three types of sheepskin every one from which can satisfy even the most sophisticated customers! Here we go - sheepskin Merino, Australian sheepskin and the special one - medical sheepskin, which is scientifically proven to be 100% clear from admixtures. By the way, medical sheepskin will be the best choice for children or elderly people because of its untouched clarity. 

Come to visit us, buy our top-of-the-range fur clothes and be 100% sure of their perfect quality! 

Yours sincerely.

The company of Albatross.