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Helmet "Pilot"

Manufacturing Company:Albatross
Size - EU
CompositionSheepskin and leather.
  • Black
Legendary Soviet pilots helmets. Vintage Aviator hats are made by standards of those times: very warm and high quality sewn.

Pilot Helmet

Vintage sheepskin Pilot Helmet - a wonderful accessory that will accentuate your style.

This is a real winter Aviator hat, which transcends any strong winds or low temperatures.

Model "Pilot" for many decades, remains unchanged.

This extremely warm and cozy "Pilot" winter fur hat is covered with high-quality leather outside and 100% natural white Merino wool covers it inside. Also, it has a couple of leather straps so that you could tighten it up and feel warm even in especially cold and ghastly weather. The front side of it is covered with Merino wool which makes it look so cute and stylish.

Also, this one, like many other our products, is handmade so the quality is guaranteed.

By the way, this hat will be a perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself.

Helmet "Pilot" of sheepskin made of high-quality natural materials. Inside - warm sheepskin, well protected from any cold weather; outside - fine Italian leather. Ears hats easily fixed on the back of the head or under the chin, allowing you to change their image in the blink of an eye. The product combines the comfort of everyday clothes, elegant style, and a non-trivial design. Therefore, it can be worn with jackets, coats or coats of a different cut. The headpiece is made in different sizes and runs well, so you can choose the desired size of the accessory easily.

    If you accidentally hit wet snow (and in our latitudes, weather can often be unpredictable), you should perform the following steps. On arrival in the room shake a winter hat, and then place it on a special stand. If you want your hats to have served for a long time, the drying should take place naturally at room temperature.

- Place the hat in a plastic bag,
- Put in a bright place.

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