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This magnificent collection of fur coats is specially designed for those who love and appreciate high-quality garments. These fur coats are made of the most famous kinds of fur like Mink fur, Arctic fox fur, Mouton and many more so they are not only stylish but also warm and cozy!

All these fur coats are 100% natural so they are also good for health.

By the way, all our fur coats are handmade so you shouldn't worry about the quality!

We hope you enjoy this perfect collection:


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For many millennia, people have used fur to make clothes and shoes that protect and keep them warm in the bitter frost and weather. A natural winter fur coat can give its mistress elegance and charm. In addition, it serves as an indicator of the definite status of women, as not every member of the fair sex can afford such an expensive thing.

There is no doubt that natural fur has clear advantages:

  • Warmth. Only natural fur can warm in any weather, in the toughest frost.
  • Perfect heat exchange. Fur products are air-permeable and allow the human body to breathe.
  • Protection against wind and moisture. Natural products  will not let moisture in.
  • Practicality. Our products delight their owners for 8 years or more.
  • Beauty.  It is incredibly beautiful and pleasant to the touch products, to become owners of which many dream.
  • Prestige. The presence of expensive luxury fur coat speaks about the status of man, his position in society and material wealth.



For decades now, mink has been the most popular fur for beautiful women's fur coats, and this is not surprising, as it has a number of very outstanding features and pleasant advantages that other fur materials are hard to compete with.


The fox fur is unique in beauty. It is truly luxurious: bright, fluffy, very warm. Fox fur has long been a sign of luxury, but if earlier in Russia it was a luxury for the steppe, respectable noblewoman, now the fox fur coat is a symbol of charm, sophistication, lightness and feminine coquetry.


Mouton coats have won the love of millions of women. The girl looks very cute and beautiful in this fur coat. Mouton coats are the second most popular after mink coats.

In our shop you can find expensive and cheap fur coat for sale. You can buy all the models presented in the catalog to yourself or as a gift to your loved ones in our online store.

Have a nice shopping!

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