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Black fur sheepskin slippers «Black&White French»

Black&White French Slippers
Manufacturing Company:Albatross
Size - EU
Composition100% white merino sheepskin and leather
  • Black
100% natural handmade Merino sheepskin slippers with leather.

French Slippers

Black’n’White French slippers – it is warm and healthy for your feet!

This is not just a perfect gift for your loved ones, but also a guarantee of happiness for your family. And all because, Albatross uses high-quality materials that are also used for medical and prophylactic purposes.

In addition, black fur sheepskin slippers look very stylish due to the 100% genuine leather and fur. Outside, slippers are made of genuine leather, and inside are covered with natural medical sheepskin. This proves that slippers will warm your feet even in an extremely cold period.

And the price, and at all will warm your heart - therefore as $ 50 for slippers from genuine leather and medical sheepskin, it is just a gift!

Colour: black

Upper material: leather

Inner material: 100% white merino sheepskin

Soles material: 100 % natural Eva

Size: 41,42,43,44,45,46,47

Manufacturer: Albatross


- Our Albatross  French slippers require shaking and airing in the open air from time to time especially after wearing them a lot - that prevents a number of skin diseases from evolving.

- Do not wash them! In case they require cleaning, get them dry-cleaned and they will look like new.

- Also, they are a primary lure for different types of moth so don't leave them in warm and dry places for long. And please pack them into cardboard or wrap it into the paper but not in plastic.

With all this today's craze for living "clean" lives, well-washed and clean slippers are your best friends, remember that!

- After washing French you should rinse them well and shake a little.

- Ventilated shoes like these made with special holes are way more effective and convenient in than usual ones, especially when it's pretty warm outside. So, you shouldn't leave them with water & moisture inside so they could remain good-looking and fashionable. You just don't get tired of wearing them and they make you feel really comfortable!

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